Mixed Signals

If a guy really likes you, he will pursue you.

I know that this is a surface knowledge but majority of people still fall for empty assumptions they choose to believe in for their own convenience. They interpret signals in a way that favors their hunch that probably the person they like also feels the same way about them. Maybe there is something behind those subtle eye contacts and captivating wide smiles. But I am fucking telling you, quit thinking that way.

Let me give you a brief backstory of what made me realize that statement. I’ve had a crush on one of my batchmates since our sophomore year. From then on, it really felt like he was kind of interested with me, too. I started to believe that the little things he does was for me to notice him. Well at least that is what I thought by looking at it through my biased pinhole of perspective. My bad that was not the case. Just recently, he and some of his friends went out of town for our semestral break. It was just less than 3 weeks and come January on the first week of our classes, there have been rumors that she met a girl during that vacation. I felt numb the moment I heard about it and I did not know how to react. It was just so nauseating to think how he can be so aggressive, disinhibited, to someone he really likes. That he can go the extra mile just to let the girl know he has feelings for her. And that’s when it all hit me. AN UNSPOKEN SIGNAL IS NOT WORTH ANY SINGLE DAMN.

Mixed signals are nothing but plain illusions that might either be from your own self-deprecating brain or from that person who doesn’t have balls firm enough to tell you he likes you. It seemed like a coldblooded slap on my face how he can do that to someone he just met. We’ve been inside the same classroom for almost 3 years. THREE. FUCKING. YEARS. And nothing happened. He never asked for my number, no effort to converse with me, to ask if I’m available so he could take me out. Or maybe I was just assuming too much.  Maybe he doesn’t have any reason to do that. I am just this fool who blindly puts meanings on everything he does because I like him a lot and it feels so good to assume that there is a potential mutuality. That probably he also feels the same way for me, when in fact he doesn’t.

So yeah that’s it. Lesson learned y’all. If a guy really likes you, he will fucking pursue you. Happy Valentines! Hope we all have that bottles of beer we deserve.

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